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2001 Star Gemini Kids' Page

Prior to moving to Arkansas in May of 2001, we culled hard in our herd at the beginning of April. We were at a crossroads with our dairy and needed to take a long hard look at what we were doing as far as breeding. We culled mostly our milking string. I did regret culling a doe kid, Gemini Goats' Magdelina, she was 7th palce sr kid at 2000 Nationals and had a phenomonal show record. She kidded at a year old and we felt she was too small for our show string.

What we kept is pictured here on this page. As you can see we did not keep very many kids from our 2001 kid crop. We also added to our herd too 6 new kids. their information is contained here as well.


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Gemini Goats' Mystical Stevia


Kismet Verona's Little Gemini X Sweet Dreams Logic magellan

I also have a few other kids to add. Including 6 new doe kids we purchased this past may from the Bayview and Waiilaptu Herds.

From the Bayview Herd:
1. Bayview Sheezacool's Squirt
Bayview Shezaacool Operator X *B Sunshine Seign Serafin

2. Bayview Suck it Up
Bayview Watch Me Now X *B Sunshine Seign Serafin

3. Bayview Waiting to Inhale
Bayview Impressive X Sunshine Seign Serafin

4. Bayview Parana
Bayview First impression X Sunshine Seign Serafin

From the Waiilaptu Herd:
will contine.... under construction