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Jackie's Fudge
Made by Shalom Dairy Goat Ranch
Made by hand the old-fashioned way, one batch at a time!
Available in attractive one pound and half pound tins ready for shipping.
Chocolate, peanut butter & chocolate/peanut butter
We are working on other flavors and will have Hill-Billy, carrot cake and double decker soon.

Made from the SWEETEST GOAT MILK from the SWEETEST GOAT in the WORLD... Jackie!
Note: Jackie passed over the rainbow Bridge in May 2001, I named my goat milk fudge line after her as a tribute to my beloved goat. Now there are others out there who have named their fudge after their goats too, but they don't compare to Jackie's!

1 pound $10.00
half pound $5.00
Plus shipping, contact for more information.
Bruce & Bernice Raymond
or e-mail: